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This tense, adrenaline-fueled crime thriller about the consequences of greed and betrayal is filled with unexpected twists and turns. A tough, morally conflicted woman tries to save her kidnapped husband from a dangerous criminal while being chased by a determined, relentless killer seeking the stolen money in her trunk that she needs to save her husband’s life. Filled with memorable characters, quick dialogue and gripping action, "Out to Get Me" is available now.  First in a series.

“The best modern thriller I’ve read in a long time.”

In this dark, bold and original crime thriller filled with shocking and unexpected twists and turns, Toni Williams has five million dollars stashed in her car that she needs to save her kidnapped husband Sam’s life. The money is the payoff from Sam and his partners brazen robbery of an underworld courier earlier that day.

(Georgia Lyonhyde - Reedsy Discovery)

“Nobody can trust anybody and nobody is safe in this twisty, relentless thriller - an enjoyable easy read.”

Tough and determined, Toni seeks out help to rescue Sam while being pursued through the streets of modern day Los Angeles by a tenacious, psychopathic killer who’s desperate to get that five million dollars back, and who is ready and willing to go to any extreme in order to get what they’re after.

(NetGalley review)

“A solid effort. It was non-stop action and very entertaining.”

Toni seeks help to rescue Sam and confronts betrayals, double-crosses, side deals and bloodthirsty killers. Everyone is after her, including the other robbers and the dangerous man who was robbed, a connected underworld figure with a talent for making people disappear. An unexpected ally re-enters Toni's life, and they work together on a risky plan to avenge a terrible wrong.

(NetGalley Review)

“This book is a fast paced and entertaining crime thriller”

This character-driven novel is filled with dark humor, fast-paced action, tough, strong and well-developed characters, that leads to an explosive, unpredictable finale. This is the first book in the “Dark Crime” series.

(NetGalley Review)

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